Posted by: nakamura2828 | April 7, 2009

Day #49: Ten pounds to go…

omelettebeansToday was pretty typical again.  I decided to try the omelette again, I don’t know that it was quite as good as last time, but still good.  Hmm, I’ve fallen into a bit of a rut as far as meals go.

I’m not really bored with them, but I should try branching out more.  At least it would make this blog a bit more interesting.

Oh, today is also my first day under 155, so I guess that’s a milestone of sorts.  Five pounds more, and I’ll be officially “normal” weight for the first time since middle school.  Ten pounds more and I’ll hit my goal.  I just have to keep my pace.

Day 49:
Weight: 154.8 lbs
Fat: 25.3%
BMI: 25.76

  • Breakfast: Cereal (130 calories) with 1% milk (50 calories), and a cup of OJ (120 calories). Altogether: 300 calories
  • Lunch: A turkey, cheese, lettuce, & mustard sandwich (265 calories)
  • Dinner: A turkey, cheese & veggie omelette (320 calories), a quarter can of green beans (18 calories), and a cup of apple sauce (100 calories). Altogether: 438 calories.

Total for the day was 1003 calories.



  1. heyo john.. mustard has like 100+ calories per serving, you should try like 0 cal spread (I think mayo or miracle whip makes some?) or you could use something slightly lower cal than mustard like vinaigrette. or ketchup? ketchup is like 10 cal per serving. If you cut out the mustard you could add in an extra slice of cheese (average calories: 80 per deli-sized slice for most cheeses).

    Oh, and 7-Eleven sells a big tasty vegan enchilada that is like 300 cal for the whole thing (I can only eat 2/3 before i’m full). It’s really tasty and it has mexican spices, beans, veggies, and soy protein instead of ground beef .. I can’t really tell the difference. Anyway.. you should check it out if you get hungry on campus, they keep it with the cold sammiches

    • Hi Amy, What kind of mustard do you use? Mine is Walmart-generico plain yellow mustard at 0 calories per 1 tsp serving. I could see fancier and nicer mustards like honey mustard or dijonaise might have 100 calories per serving, but not mine. That being said I might want to check into the 0 cal spread, since I sort of miss mayo. As it stands, my sandwiches consist of 200 calories of bread, 60 calories of cheese, 25 calories of turkey, 0 calories mustard, 265 altogether.

      I’ll also check out the 7-11 thing, though I’ve been making my sandwiches at home lately. It saves me about $5 a day, and less calories so I figure it’s worth it.

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