Posted by: nakamura2828 | April 3, 2009

Day #45: Over the Hill

pizzasaladcheeseSo sometime between today and tomorrow will be the halfway point in time between the start of my diet and my goal.  It’s 45 days down now, and 46 to go.  I’m still well ahead I need to be to be on track, which is good.

Day 45:
Weight: 156.6 lbs
Fat: 25.9%
BMI: 26.06

  • Breakfast: Cereal (130 calories) with 1% milk (50 calories), and a cup of OJ (120 calories). Altogether: 300 calories
  • Lunch: A toasted turkey, cheese, lettuce, & mustard sandwich (265 calories)
  • Dinner: A slice of cheese pizza (230 calories), a salad (70 calories), and a serving of lowfat cottage cheese (90 calories) Altogether: 390 calories.

Total for the day, same as yesterday: 955 calories.


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