Posted by: nakamura2828 | March 31, 2009

Day #42: Pizza & Peas

pizzapeasFinally, three square meals and well under my limit.  Today is more typical of most of my diet prior to starting this blog.  Dinner was a weird combo though. I probably shouldn’t just mix and match left-overs, but it tasted fine to me.  I’m still amazed by how big one serving of peas is.  They are also a lot more expensive in terms of calories than other veggies.  Next time, I’m definitely splitting a can of 3.5 servings 4 ways. It will also give me more flexibility in planning the entree.

I’m glad I’m back on track, since I’m on a four day gaining streak now.  I’m not surprised, since it started with an unexpected 3 lb drop, and coincided with three of my highest calorie days.  I just hope I catch up with myself before I bump into my moving average or push it too far upward.  I still don’t anticipate any trouble meeting my goal though, I’m still pretty well ahead of schedule.

Day 42:
Weight: 158.6 lbs
Fat: 26.0%
BMI: 26.39

  • Breakfast: A bowl of cereal (130 calories) with 1% milk (50 calories), and a glass of OJ (120 calories). Altogether: 300 calories
  • Lunch: A 6″ turkey on wheat from Subway (330 calories) and apples (35 calories). Altogether: 365 calories
  • Dinner: A slice of left-over cheese pizza (230 calories) and a serving of peas (70 calories).  Altogether: 300 calories.

The daily sum for today is 965 calories.


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