Posted by: nakamura2828 | March 30, 2009

Day #41: Back to normal

saladpeas1So today I went back to a relatively normal eating schedule, though I accidently missed breakfast again.  I really need to stop missing meals.  I don’t think I’ve had what has become a typical day for me since I started blogging about my diet. I compensated by having a larger dinner than usual (funny enough it was slightly more calories than the lasagna leftovers yesterday, but with a lot more volume).

It’s really weird that canned vegetables come in cans of 3.5 servings.  Really, why do they need to make it fractional?  Why not just three bigger, or four smaller?  Anyway, since I knew I had missed breakfast I ate the extra half serving of a can of peas today with dinner, and broke the rest into servings and put it in the fridge.  One and a half servings of peas is actually huge.  I wish more foods had larger than expected serving sizes.

Day 41:
Weight: 157.6 lbs
Fat: 26.1%
BMI: 26.22

  • Breakfast: Missed it! (0 calories)
  • Lunch: A toasted turkey, cheese, lettuce, & mustard sandwich (265 calories), and an apple (80 calories).  Altogether: 345 calories
  • Dinner: A serving of Tuna Helper (320 calories), a serving & a half of peas (105 calories), a salad (70 calories), and a half cup of apple sauce (100 calories).  Altogether: 595 calories
  • Other: A serving of fruit cocktail (100 calories)

The whole day sums up to 1040 calories, below my goal and back on track. It also happens to be the exact number of calories as my one meal for pizza day.


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