Posted by: nakamura2828 | March 29, 2009

Day #40: The Aftermath…

So I did it again, just barely.  That is, I upped my calorie record.  That mostly has to do with the fact that I ate more or less the same thing as yesterday, but with the addition of a nice lunch.

Sunday breakfast was traditional fare for my family, fried eggs, bacon, and toast.  My Dad and I typically put it all together to make a breakfast sandwich.  I probably shouldn’t have, since I could have stood to do without that extra piece of toast. It was good though, and I helped by making most of it myself.

We had lunch late, and I initially though I was going to get away with skipping it again.  However, like I briefly mentioned yesterday, it’s difficult to diet, when you don’t make the meals yourself.  My sisters made a big effort to make a nice lunch, with soup sandwiches, and tons of fruits and veggies all laid out in a fancy little arrangement.  It would have been rude to turn it down, especially since it was already served, but I had a sneaking suspicious it might tip me past the day before total and it did.

I sort of which they would have picked a healthier soup.  Split-pea with bacon has quite a few calories, and is something I rarely have with lunch unless I’m home.  I ended up turning down the fruit.  I knew another 100 calories would be a bad idea given what I had eaten so far, and what I knew we’d be having for dinner.

For dinner, we basically just finished some left-overs from the meal the night before.  This meant lasagna and garlic bread again.  I did without the salad and red-wine, which saved me about 200 calories from the night before.   After this we had left-over cake, which I had forgotten to account for in my expected calories for the day.

Oh, well the weekend is over, and I’m back at my apartment.  Both days were very high for me, but still below my expenditure, so I should be able to get back on track pretty quickly.  I got a couple slices of lasagna to take home with me, they’ve gone into the freezer with the pizza (it’s getting pretty packed in there), to become an entree for me some time in the future.

Oh I also went shopping while I was home, picking up some more salad materials, and replenishing my lunch meat.  I was pretty happy to find some 98% fat free turkey.  This should help make my lunch sandwiches a bit lighter.  At 25 calories a slice, they are now less than half the cost of the american cheese I typically use.

Day 40:
Weight: 156.8 lbs
Fat: 26.4%
BMI: 26.09

  • Breakfast: 2 slices of toast with margarine (200 calories), some sugar-free jelly (10 calories), a fried egg (90 calories), a slice of microwaved bacon (25 calories), and a small glass of OJ (60 calories).  Altogether: 385 calories
  • Lunch: A ham, lettuce, tomato & mustard sandwich (200 calories), a bowl of split-pea soup with bacon (160 calories), some miscellaneous carrots and celery (35 calories).  Altogether: (395 calories)
  • Dinner: One slice of leftover homemade lasagna (377 calories), and one slice of garlic bread (186 calories). Altogether: 563 calories
  • Other: A slice of pineapple upside-down birthday cake (370 calories) in a bowl of 1% milk (102 calories).  Altogether: 472 calories

Breakfast and dinner today were very similar to yesterday’s, but slightly smaller.   They weren’t small enough to offset lunch though, which bumped the daily total to a record 1815 calories, just about 20 calories more than yesterday.  The difference is negligable, but I’m going to have to redouble my efforts and get back on track here soon.


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